Antoine D'Agata: Antibodies

                     Anitbodies By Antoine D' Agata 

                     Anitbodies By Antoine D' Agata 

Antoine D’Agata, member of Magnum Agency since 2002, has always been on the run. Since leaving Marseilles, his hometown, as a young punk, he has never stood still, driven in his exploration by a combination of desire and recklessness that has always led him to try to go beyond the physical and psychological barriers of his own being, beyond every possible prejudice or reasonable limit.

Anticorpi (Antibodies) presents a broad selection of the work D’Agata has completed to date. His photos are the two sides of the state of the world's violence, as the artist himself has defined his images, even though for a long time this distinction existed only at an unconscious level.
The first group of photographs was shot for the press all over the world in places like Libya, Palestine, Auschwitz… The second testifies to and evokes sex, drugs, exploitation and prostitution.

They are different aspects of his world and while the photographer does not repudiate the former, he considers his reportages more detached compared to the involvement he experiences in his more extreme encounters in which identities are confused, actions captured at the climax of their power and in which the body and its forms have sacrificed their grace and harmony.