Kendall Johnson: Seeing Things Exhibition

Kendall Johnson
Seeing Things
Artist Reception: Saturday June 4, 2016 6-9pm

Mirrored Society is pleased to present Seeing Things, an exhibition of work by local artist Kendall Johnson. The exhibition shows Kendall’s most recent works, which explore natural shape as conveyed by patterned—sometimes even pointillist—application of paint. They are experiments in perception asking just how much pattern do we need to see in order to see form; how much of our perception consists of our constructing form from the dizzying, near random bits of swirling light around us? To what extent is the stuff we see a product of our own construction?

Having grown up in Claremont, Kendall Johnson has taught, wrote, conducted therapy, and consulted. During this time he studied art and painted part time. He now enjoys playing with art full time and is the Director of Gallery 57 Underground in Pomona.

"Sometimes I am staggered by the way the simplest of things cycle through! Dimensions, permutations, perspectives, and interpretations. Perceptions are temporal: they link, are self-referential and are embedded in history and culture. Thus the things we experience in the world are in part our own constructions. Laborers or scientists, mathematicians or beauticians, we are each already artists". - Kendall Johnson


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