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Patrick Hoelck: TOMORROW is really YESTERDAY


Patrick Hoelck: TOMORROW is really YESTERDAY

Patrick Hoelck's work resonates because it does not hide, pervert, destroy, or malign. Instead, it emboldens an individual for who they are. Sexuality and celebrity status are consequential of being human—of being a man or woman, actor or actress, singer or musician, model or cult personality. Glamour and attitude are consequential of one's pride and self-respect. Hoelck’s work captures these symptoms at face value. 

Hoelck, born in Santa Monica, California in 1968, is an American contemporary photographer and director. In his early teens, Hoelck made his way to New York City where he was quickly absorbed into the lawless city streets of the 1980's and at sixteen began directing music videos during the emergence of rap music. 

Limited Edition of 50
Published by Mirrored Society 2017
Saddle-stitched. 48 pages. Printed on 80# text.

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