Ren Hang was born in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, in 1987, and currently lives in Beijing.

My name is Jacquie Ray, I am a 26 year old photographer born and based in Los Angeles. I've had a bit of an interesting on and off relationship with photography since I was 14 years old in high school and dropped it all together after feeling uninspired once I graduated art school in 2011. Picking up my camera after setting it down for 4 years never felt so good. I have been published on print and interviewed by various magazines such as Peachfuzz Magazine, YU Magazine, LA Taco, Amadeus Magazine and The Messy Heads magazine soon to be sold at Barnes & Nobles.  My photos have also been used for CD/Vinyl/Tape covers for musicians in L.A. 

I have self released and sold out of my first zine- titled "Master Bait" which features my nude portraits of various models I've photographed. 

Artist Statement 

I shoot with 35mm color film that I develop myself in my closet, I saturate my colors during the developing process so give an emphasis on color. Color is a staple to my work, as well as the rawness of the subjects and environment. My work communicates the freedom of our naked bodies and the openness to be ourselves and loving what we look like without clothes. 

This body of work is titled "Public Parts", which is a set of  photographs of faceless naked bodies. We have been taught since a young age that our body is private, at some point we have to decide for ourselves what our naked bodies mean to us and not society